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About Us


Hi!  We are so happy you’ve stopped by!  We would like to introduce ourselves first and foremost.  Our names are Krista & Jennifer and we are the owners, operators and visionistas of Harlow & Liv.

Now that we have informally met, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

You may be asking how the name Harlow & Liv came about. Excellent question. While spending days and nights thinking of the best name possible for our bundle of joy, we knew we wanted something really special. It was a pretty remarkable feeling when we came across the perfect name. Harlow, meaning mound of people, could not have been a better start to our boutique name. We both have such a deep love for our family and friends and not much more gives us joy like having them in our lives. Liv almost seemed like the easiest fit after that.  Our passion for living life to its fullest could not be any stronger. We both have had trials in our lives, like so many people we know, and we have always come out of those times feeling like we have embraced each moment in our lives with honor and passion.  Our wish for you is to embrace life and live amongst a mound of people, in pure happiness and joy.

Both coming from a background in family owned businesses, we were ready to put our ideas and experience to work.  With lots of prayers, hard work, endless days and nights and tons of support, Harlow & Liv slowly evolved into a dream come true.  We couldn’t be prouder of where we are today and are even more excited for where we are going! With always having you in mind, we will continue to bring our favorite looks and styles straight to your closet.  We are honored to call you friend.  Welcome to the Harlow & Liv online boutique!


Krista & Jennifer

“ Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose”

-G. Bruce Boyer


photos by LivvieLane

Harlow & Liv

Harlow and Liv, LLC
Corporate Headquarters
West Chester OH, 45069

Office: 1-872-222-9511
Email: sales@harlowandliv.com

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